About This Kit

The Uptanium USBasp Bootloader and Snaphot kit is a collection of tools to burn a bootloader and also create and restore snapshots of your firmware. That's right, you can save versions of firmware in the exact state it's in and restore them within 2-3 minutes. Even the Z-Probe offset (and many more) can be retained using an advanced snapshot. Basic snapshots will restore your printer back to the moment the firmware was compiled and uploaded. Basically, any settings in the LCD menu that you have made can only be saved and restored with the advanced snapshot. See our Firmware Snapshot or our Burn Bootloader guides for more details of how some of the features work.

Compatibility List

    Anet A8 (both versions)
    Creality Ender 3 - NEW !
    Anet A6
    CR10 and CR-10S
    MKS based printers - MKS Gen V1.4 and MKS Gen_L V1.0
    Any ATmega 1284P or 2560 based printer with 6 pin ICSP header


Create Snapshot

The snapshot feature will utilize the USBasp programmer and Avrdudess to read the firmware off of your printer. Taking a basic or advanced snapshot will not disturb your firmware. A snapshot will take a quick peek at your firmware and create a file. This snapshot file can be saved and then used by the Restore from Snapshot feature to restore your printer. Here are the two types of snapshots.

    Basic Snapshot - The basic snapshot feature only records the basic settings that were present at the time your firmware was compiled and uploaded. Any adjustments you have made to your printer after the firmware was uploaded will not be retained. See our Firmware Snapshot guide about how this works.

    Advanced Snapshot - The advanced snapshot will store every last setting that you have made including your Z-Probe offset. Here is a list of all settings retained using the advanced snapshot feature:

      Z-Probe Offset
      Material heat up parameters
      PID settings
      Filament settings
      Home offset
      Advanced Feedrates and Jerk
      Acceleration Settings
      Maximum Acceleration
      Maximum Feedrates
      Steps per unit

Burn Bootloader
The burn bootloader feature utilizes Arduino IDE (included on supplied USB) and the USBasp programmer to quickly burn a Bootloader.No Arduino,wiring or sketches needed. Just plug the programmer into the printers ICSP port and select burn bootloader from Arduino IDE. See our Burn Bootloader guide about how this works.

Restore From Snapshot
The restore from snapshot feature will allow you to select a basic or advanced snapshot file that you took previously and restore your printer.

Kit Contents

  • USBasp programmer with updated firmware
  • 10 pin ribbon cable
  • Correct 6-10 Pin Adapter For All Printers (No trimming needed)
  • USB drive
  • Portable Arduino IDE with support for Anet A8 and CR-10/CR-10S already installed (no installation - runs from USB drive)
  • Portable Avrdudess configured specifically for printers (no installation - runs from USB drive)
  • Correct windows driver and easy installation tool
  • 35 page PDF document with illustrated detailed instructions (on USB drive)
  • Email support if you have issues

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