About This Kit

Arguably the best upgrade for a 3D printer, Auto Bed Leveling is here to stay. Twiddling the small and hard to reach adjustment wheels to level your bed is one of the biggest annoyances of the CR10 and many other printers for that matter.

Uptanium has released this ABL kit that utilizes a capacitive Z-Probe sensor so you can choose any build surface you want. Capacitive sensors work on Glass, aluminium, BuildTak, and more.One of the best and most recommended is Glass. The Uptanium ABL kit uses bi-linear auto bed leveling and will sense multiple positions on the build surface and extrapolate, or guess what angle, the rest of the bed is outside of each probe point. Glass is probably the straightest material and is easier for ABL to construct a very accurate level surface.

The uptanium Auto Bed Leveling kit also utilizes an optocoupler to electrically isolate the capacitive sensor. Why you ask? Since the capacitive sensor uses the variation in capacitance of itself and the build surface, any electrical noise generated from the 3D printers power supply could interfere and result in unreliable sensor readings. To get the best repeatability and most accurate bed leveling, an optocoupler is a must have for a capacitive sensor.

So how accurate is the Uptanium ABL kit? For the average on a test of 50 probes, the standard deviation is 0.039 +-0.004. For perspective, that is less than half of the finest layer height of .1. Or, less than 5 percent of your average .4 mm nozzle width. That's really good.

A note about CR10 printers. Creality does not include a bootloader on the CR10 and many CR10S printers. This will prevent any firmware uploads unless you install a bootloader. Our kit includes a USBasp programmer to resolve this issue unlike other kits that want you to wire an Arduino UNO in order to install their kit. We have you covered from A-Z. If

Compatibility List

    CR-10 300
    CR-10S 300
    CR-10 Mini


  • Full Email Support in case you have questions
  • Detailed and clear PDF instructions with pictures written by Uptanium
  • Capacitive Sensor
  • Optocoupler for electrical isolation
  • Pre-compiled Firmware-simply upload and go
  • No compiling or configuration files to mess with
  • Marlin configurations included if you want to make changes and compile yourself
  • Packaged software on USB drive including detailed Installation Guide PDF/Pronterface/avrdudess/STL files for included parts
  • Thermal runaway protection has been enabled in the firmware for this kit.

How hard is it to install?

The only tools needed are a small flat head screw driver, 2.5mm allen wrench and a Philips head. That's it. The typical installation should take approximately 30-60 minutes following the include instructional PDF.

    Kit Contents

    • Full Email Support in case you have questions
    • Capacitive sensor - pre-wired
    • Optocoupler - pre-wired
    • Solid bed mounts
    • 2 M3*5 24MM screws with nylon lock nuts to mount probe
    • Sensor installation gauge
    • Printed sensor mount and optocoupler case (STL files included)
    • USB drive (includes all installation software and firmware)
    • Email Support in case you have questions or issues

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